Album: Let's Get Ready To Stumble (2011)

Song: On The Up (feat. Lou Koller)

Bitrate: 160kbps

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A LCB show is a big party for everyone that consists of drunken sing alongs infused with hardcore punk rock anthems! We reach out to anyone looking to have FUN! In reality, we don't really have much to be pissed about. If you take life too seriously come to a show, let yourself go relax and DRINK A BEER PUSSY!!

"Plan on getting some beer doused on you in an inebriated sing-along with LCB, as their self-professed "New York Drunk Core" anthems echo thru the bar!"-- Loud, Fast, Rulez Magazine

Contact & Booking:
Mike Fullam--->

BANDS WE HAVE PLAYED WITH IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER....... Dropkick Murphys, The Misfits, Sick Of It All, Murphys Law, Agnostic Front, Madball, UK Subs, Agent Orange, H2O, The Nihilistics, The Street-Dogs, Iron Cross, The Unseen, No Redeeming Social Value, Sub-Zero, Leeway, CroMags, Sworn Enemy, Loved and Hated, 25 Ta Life, Full Blown Chaos, Toxic Narcotic, Cause For Alarm, Vietnom, The Varukers, The Explosion, A Global Threat, Billyclub Sandwich, Deathcycle, Murder Junkies,Two Man Advantage, Death Before Dishonor, The Krays, Inhuman, Awkward Thought, Condition, Urban Riot, River City Rebels, Brain Failure, The Ducky Boys, The Hudson Falcons, The Goons, Eyes of Hate, Endangered Feces, Bloodstained Kings, Losers Sometimes Win, Pledge of Resistance, Essence of Pain, With Honor, Lockdown, Scheduled Beating, Taken By Force, Diesel, GFY, X-Ward, Saradonica, Reason To Fight, State Of Disgrace, Shell Shock, Caught In A Trap, UFC, Theives and Assasins, Hell Brigade, Common Enemy, The Clap, The Loved Ones, Zombie Vandals, NY Rel-X, Polyabuse, The Shemps, The Suspicion, Tension*, Turpike Wrecks, Destroyed by Anger, Darkbuster, Drago, Nowhere USA, The Pug Uglies, Zippo Raid, Death & Taxes, Broken Heroes, The Wretched Ones, RazorBlade HandGrenade, District 9, 4 In The Chamber, Hub City Stompers, Homicidal, Fed-Up, This Means War, Olde York, Wisdom In Chains, Norman Bates & The Showerheads... **We know we forgot some send us a message to add your name**